OpenMacGrid Projects: Past and Present

One of the distinctions between OpenMacGrid and other distributed computing projects is that OpenMacGrid is open to researchers. That is, anyone with a reasonable proposal can run software on it, making it a resource not just for a select few, but for anyone needing grid resources. This makes OpenMacGrid a valuable commodity, but it also makes it more difficult to answer the question: What scientific problem is OpenMacGrid trying to solve? In actual fact, it is trying to solve many problems, and they vary over time.

We may not be able to point to a single problem that OpenMacGrid is trying to solve, but we can point to a whole range of problems that it has contributed to solving, or is currently in the process of solving. Here is a list of OpenMacGrid projects, past and present.

Ongoing OpenMacGrid Projects

Researcher: Rob Yang
Research Description:
Virtual screening of compounds that could become useful drugs for the treatment of human diseases.
MacResearch Posts:
Molecular Docking on OpenMacGrid (Part I)

Researcher: Norman Su
Research Description:
Tagging Behaviors of Bloggers.
MacResearch Posts:
The Tagging Behavior of Bloggers

Past OpenMacGrid Projects

Researcher: Drew McCormack
Research Description:
Classical Trajectory Dynamics for Dissociation of Hydrogen Molecules on a Platinum Stepped Surface.
OpenMacGrid Used to Study Dynamics of Stepped-Surface Reactions

Researcher: Charles Parnot
Research Description:
Biochemical Models of beta2 Adrenergic Receptor Activation.
Detailed Description:
Kinetic Models of GPCR Activation

Researcher: Ben Bond-Lamberty
Research Description:
A study of Carbon balance in the Canadian boreal forest.
MacResearch Posts:
OpenMacGrid Used in Study of Carbon Balance in Forests
OpenMacGrid Contributes to Nature Publication

Researcher: Gaurav Khanna
Research Description:
A study of an astrophysical event that commonly occurs in galactic nuclei, i.e., the capture of a small star by a supermassive black hole.
MacResearch Posts:
Gravity Wave OpenMacGrid Project