OpenCL Tutorial - Introduction to OpenCL

With the launch of Snow Leopard this Friday, now is the time to start getting revved up for some of the new technologies coming with this release. One of them, OpenCL, is near and dear to my heart. And this tutorial series will hopefully help getting many of you acquainted with the technology and what it can do. Instead of doing text tutorials, I've decided to present these as video tutorials.

I'm still working on getting these syndicated in iTunes.

In iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcasts by going to:

Advanced -> Subscribe to podcast

I hope you find them useful:

Episode 1 - Introduction to OpenCL (Desktop)
Episode 1 - Introduction to OpenCL (iPhone/iPod touch)


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Thanks for posting these!

Thanks for posting these! The lack of documentation on the web has been surprising to me, given how many uses OpenCL will likely have, especially in scientific computing.

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An awesome podcast thanks!

An awesome podcast thanks! And a really nice demo at the end. Looking forward to seeing some code examples next time.

By the way, what did you use to display the molecule and contours plots?

OpenCL Benchmark

This may be of interest as well

no sound on desktop version

Is it possible that for the desktop version no sound is available.
With the iphone version I have sound.
Opened them both with quicktime.

Thanks for delivering those tutorials !


re: no sound on desktop version

Not certain what happened. I've re-uploaded it and it should have sound again now.

Thanks for pointing this out.


LAPACK and BLAS compiled with OpenCL?

Great talk--thanks!

Will Snow Leopard include versions of LAPACK and BLAS that are compiled using OpenCL?



As far as I know there aren't OpenCL enabled versions of LAPACK and BLAS that work with OpenCL in the initial release of Snow Leopard. I've asked about this kind of thing too, and while I don't think there is opposition, they do need to devote some resources to it. That's not to say it's impossible, it's quite doable, just not there at the moment.

If this is of interest (and I know it is to a lot of people) I think the best route is for people to file feature requests (via the apple bug tracker The more people request this, the higher the priority something like this will get.




Done. Thanks for the reminder.

podcast doesn't work on iphone

iTunes won't let me sync your podcast to iPhone. It complains that the .m4v files supposedly intended for iPhone in fact can't be played on iPhone.

Also, the podcast URL you provide in plain text should instead be provided as a link that automatically adds the podcast to iTunes. There is a way to do that.


Thanks for putting this together. It's accessible but not "dumbed down". I am looking forwared to watching the rest of the series.

> Will Snow Leopard include

> Will Snow Leopard include versions of LAPACK and BLAS that are compiled using OpenCL?

Nope. That's a pretty big project. If you really want to see this, the best bet is to put a request in with the folks who maintain the netlib BLAS and LAPACK.