Java 6

I know that Apple at least used to have Java 6 as a download you could get off of the ADC site. I can't find it now. Can anyone provide a link to where I can get it?


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What you are asking for is,

What you are asking for is, if anything, shady-edgy legal.
And as far as I've tested, java 1.6.0 in Leopard doesn't work at all. Leopard so far can only use 1.5.
If you find out about 1.6.0 availability for Leopard, I would love to hear about.

waiting to run leopard

I can't run leopard until there is Java 6 support. I am going to have to forego all of the great changes in Xcode 3.0 until this is resolved (hopefully soon)!

SoyLatte Port of BSD Java

I don't know Apple's plans for releasing their version of Java 6.

However, there is a port of FreeBSD Java 6 for Mac:

Landon Fuller seems to have been very active with getting the project moving.

just released

Hi there,

Apple just released Java 6DP8 for leopard.