How scientists use computers

Computers are as important to modern scientists as test tubes, but we know surprisingly little about how scientists develop and use software in their research. To find out, the University of Toronto, Simula Research Laboratory, and the National Research Council of Canada have launched an online survey in conjunction with "American Scientist" magazine. If you have 20 minutes to take part, please go to:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jo Hannay (Simula Research Laboratory)
Hans Petter Langtangen (Simula Research Laboratory)
Dietmar Pfahl (Simula Research Laboratory)
Janice Singer (National Research Council of Canada)
Greg Wilson (University of Toronto)


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That's a long survey

20-30 minutes!! Do they not realize that scientists are busy people? :)

Seriously though, survey design is a careful balance between sample size, quantity of information collected, and quality of information collected. For sample size, people must be willing to take the survey. For quality, people must be willing and able to respond carefully and accurately to the questions. A longer survey increases the quantity of information collected per respondent, but at the expense of sample size and quality. Personally, I'd say these guys made the wrong trade-off on this one.

It doesn't really take that long

I didn't time myself, but it probably took about 10 minutes. I also stopped midway through and left that browser window open.

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Only takes around 10mn

The survey isn't that long. I hope you will post a news when the results will be published.