Interview: Eigen Matrix Library

What follows is an interview with Benoît Jacob and Gael Guennebaud, two developers of the open source Eigen project, which provides incredibly fast C++ matrix and vector numeric code.

Another Top 10 List of iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for Scientists

The good people at My Biotech Life posted a list of Top 10 life science related apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I do like how they used their #1 spot to goad the developers behind Papers and Mendley into providing mobile versions of their apps. Our very own Alexander Griekspoor has been quiet on MacResearch lately, so let's hope he's busy making the mobile version of Papers a reality.

Happy 25th to the Mac!

Yes, the Mac is 25 years old today! It was on this day in 1984 that the Apple Macintosh was released. Enjoy the Macintosh introduction video below --

Steve Jobs demos the Macintosh

Happy 25th Birthday, Mac!

Applied Computational Genomics Course

While not Mac related. This came by my desk, and may be of interest to many of you in the MacResearch Community, so I thought I'd share. Read more below the fold.

QLFits: a QuickLook generator for FITS files.

QLFits, as its name indicates, is a QuickLook generator for Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) files. QLFits 1.0 provides a quick access to FITS headers. It gives a quick summary of the most important information, and colorizes the keywords/values/comments. In case it detects a file created by the European Southern Observatory, it also provides web links to program's abstract, weather conditions and more.

Call to Arms: Create a Standard Mac OS X Plotting Framework

Over the years, I’ve lamented a few times that there is no first class plotting framework for Cocoa. Even when writing about worthy efforts like SM2DGraphView, I’ve still been left with the feeling that a plotting library on Mac OS X should be capable of much more. At times I’ve hoped that Apple may eventually plug the gap by publishing classes used in applications like Keynote and Numbers, but that is just wishful thinking. If there is ever to be a dominant plotting framework on the platform, it will probably have to come from a dedicated group working together on an open source initiative. Solo efforts — including my own — won’t cut it in the long run.

Showcase: Vibration Turns Your iPhone into a Spectrum Analyzer

In 'Showcase' reviews, the reviewer is the developer. No claim of objectivity is made, but it’s a chance for the developer to show off his/her app. Here, Bruce Truax discusses his spectral analysis tool for iPhone: Vibration.

Vibration is a true vibration spectrum analyzer using the built in accelerometers inside the iPod Touch and iPhone. It acquires and displays time series data, optionally removes DC bias, applies a Hamming window and performs an FFT on each channel to produce frequency spectra. The accelerometer has a sensitivity of approximately 0.02g and a range of ±2g making the iPhone and iPod touch sensitive enough to analyze the vibration of most moving machinery.

Review of iWork '09 for Engineers

When Apple first released iWork '08 I immediately reviewed Numbers. I love the way that Excel and other spreadsheets have changed the way that engineering calculations are carried out, but over the last 10 years very little has changed to the humble spreadsheet.

Restricted SFTP in Mac OS X Leopard

On occasion you may want to exchange data with someone else. You'd like to grant that person access to your system (or network) but in such a way that the person has limited access to other areas of the system (or general resources on your network). This article will show you how to setup a chrooted jail that restricts the user to only SFTP on Mac OS X Leopard. It further limits the user so that they cannot traverse the filesystem outside the bounds you specify.

Aabel Revisited

A couple of months ago Gigwiz updated their flagship data analysis and graphing application Aabel I've recently had a chance to spend a little time using it and I thought I'd post my impressions.
There are an increasing number of high quality data analysis tools now available under Mac OS X, these range from simple spreadsheet applications to powerful 3D data and statistcal analysis tools. One thing that you are quickly aware of is that Aabel produces absolutlely stunning graphs, but it is much more than a pretty face, it also has powerful statistical and data exploration tools. Aabel comes with an impressive 1000 page manual that describes the application in great detail with plenty of screenshots to aid understanding.