EndNote X1 Patch Restores CWYW Functionality to Word 2008

Users of EndNote X1 for Mac OS X can now download a patch directly from Thomson Reuters to restore CWYW functionality to Word 2008. The lack of EndNote integration has been a deal-breaker for many Scientists wishing to switch to the Intel-native version of Word. As an added bonus, CWYW functionality is now noticeably "snappier".

The patch can be downloaded from here:


Please note that Service Pack 1 (SP1 or the 12.1 update) for Office Mac: 2008 must be installed prior to applying the EndNote X1 patch. Also, this patch will work only with EndNote X1. Unfortunately, users of EndNote X and lower will either have to upgrade to X1 or continue using their older version of EndNote with Word 2004 or v.X.


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I think I'll try it in my tests machine. After the break when first office 2008 came out I kinda lost confidence in both Endnote and Office.

Doesn't work

Any attempt to install the patch (I'm running tiger don't know if this is relevant) brings up an error "Microsoft Word® is running. Please quit Word to run this installation" whether Word is running or not and closes the installer!

Endnote + Word 2008

I would be interested to hear any feedback on how well (or not) this feature works. I hope it works better than the previous version, which used to put MS Word in a locked state on a regular basis for me. It would be interesting also to see how well the use of the Applescript interface can replace VB.

Installation succesfull

On my MacBookPro (CoreDuo 2Ghz 2 Gb RAM and Leopard) it installed ok and my Word now displays the old Endnote toolbar. I still haven't check the functionality.

Installation succesfull part 2


I installed it, then updated to 10.5.4 and tested it. I just downloaded some references through Endnote and put them into a test word document. Everything worked out fine. Then, I changed the format of the references to Natura, Science and others back and forth without any problems.

So far, so good.

Workaround for Endnote XI and word 2008 installer


I had the same problem as others using the "CWYW For Word 2008.pkg", i.e. I would run the installer and it would always quit saying:

"Microsoft Word® is running. Please quit Word to run this installation"

Here's a workaround that seemed to do the trick for me.

1. Drop the "CWYW For Word 2008.pkg" into TextWrangler. This will show you what's inside.
2. Click on the 'Contents' folder shown in the left-hand column of TextWrangler
3. Drag and drop the Archive.pax.gz onto the desktop (or wherever)
4. Double click the Archive.pax.gz to unpack it, and you should get a file called "EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle"
5. Drop "EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle" into the office 2008 startup word folder, usually somewhere like Applications/Office 2008/Startup/Word
6. Start word and there you go

I've tried importing references etc. and it seems to work fine for me so far.