Endnote CWYW Update for Word 2008 Compatible With Endnote X?

Like many users of Endnote X, I was disappointed to see that the Word 2008 CWYW Update required Endnote X1. I begrudgingly downloaded the X1 demo, installed the CWYW update, and launched Word to test things out. After the Endnote toolbar appeared I hit the button to launch Endnote, and it turns out that I had accidentally left Endnote X running, which the toolbar actually switched to instead of launching Endnote X1! I was able to insert a few citations from Endnote X and everything seems to be working fine. As long as I manually launch Endnote X before using the CWYW toolbar everything works as expected.

Could it be that the CWYW update works perfectly with Endnote X, but they listed X1 as a requirement to convince people to upgrade? Over the past week I've prepared a manuscript with Word 2008 and Endnote X using the CWYW update and I haven't run into any problems. All of you Endnote X users out there might want to give this a try before upgrading to X1 if you're happy with Endnote X.


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Re: Endnote CWYW Update for Word 2008 Compatible With Endnote X?

Is anyone _truly_ happy with Endnote of any version? I'm still looking for another, more elegant solution.

Thanks for the update though, this is good to know.


toolbar and endnote

It is possible that you installed the layer between Endnote and Word, that comes with Endnote X1 demo, and that this layer is able to talk to both Endnote X and X1. Whatever that layer is!! (some Word plug-in???).

Alternative for Endnote

An alternative might be BibFuse, an effort to integrate BibDesk with Word. Of course this option only works if your co-authors are willing to use the same tools. Note that this effort is very new, and very far from feature-complete. Since I don't use Word, I can't comment on its workings. I do use BibDesk though, and that is a nice tool for managing bibliographic databases.



Another alternative that I use is Sente.

url: http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/site/introduction.html

I could not get endnoteXI to

I could not get endnoteXI to work with word2008 at all, even with the update, and following the instructions from Thompson.
I went back to word2004 and endnoteX and all was well.

There is no perfect piece of software in the World, as far as I know.

But most scientists I know use Windows, word and endnote, so if you want write with them, it is "easier" to use the same programs?

Endnote works quite well, and the folk at Thompson are very helpful in responding to emails. I just wrote a Chemical Reviews article, and the standard endnote package for that journal is wrong. However, with help, it can be customized to work perfectly.

Have you tried Endnote Web?

From Thomson Reuters support...

"The patch currently available for EndNote X1 and Word 2008 is also applicable for EndNote Web. If you install that patch, there will be an option for Cite While You Write Preferences where you can switch to the application to EndNote Web.


If you install the X1 trial and Endnote Web (our university subscribes, don't know if/what it costs if yours doesn't) then install the patch and uninstall X1 you can still use Endnote Web with Word 2008 on Mac OS X 10.5.4.

The advantage for us is the reference database is stored online, can be shared, and Endnote Web is available for Mac or PC so users can use both systems.