Another Top 10 List of iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for Scientists

The good people at My Biotech Life posted a list of Top 10 life science related apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I do like how they used their #1 spot to goad the developers behind Papers and Mendley into providing mobile versions of their apps. Our very own Alexander Griekspoor has been quiet on MacResearch lately, so let's hope he's busy making the mobile version of Papers a reality.

Happy 25th to the Mac!

Yes, the Mac is 25 years old today! It was on this day in 1984 that the Apple Macintosh was released. Enjoy the Macintosh introduction video below --

Steve Jobs demos the Macintosh

Happy 25th Birthday, Mac!

Applied Computational Genomics Course

While not Mac related. This came by my desk, and may be of interest to many of you in the MacResearch Community, so I thought I'd share. Read more below the fold.

Apple Adds Support for MathType and EndNote to Pages

Tucked away in Apple’s MacWorld keynote presentation was a little tidbit of particular interest to scientists. After years of waiting, our voices have finally been heard — Pages ‘09 includes support for MathType and EndNote.
From Apple’s site:

In Pages ’09, you can now create sophisticated equations for research papers, lab reports, and journal articles using MathType 6.1 Compose your equations with the MathType point-and-click equation editor and instantly add them to your Pages document. Pages also works with EndNote X2.1 Choose from over 3800 bibliographic styles supported by EndNote X2 and easily insert citations into your Pages document.

This is certainly a welcome addition, and will make Pages a much more attractive prospect for writing scientific literature. Hopefully Apple will also open the app to other third party developers, but I am not holding my breath.

Healpy for HEALpix plotting in python

Astronomers are often confronted with plotting and binning on a spherical surface, such as the projected sky. For instance, one might want to measure the density of stars at many points on the sky by dividing the sky up into equal area bins and counting the stars in those bins.

Chemical Dictionary

If you write articles containing chemistry specific words then this will be a godsend

OpenCL Specification Ratified

The OpenCL 1.0 specification has been ratified by the Khronos promoters. The specification was approved on Dec. 4th. The official spec and headers can be obtained at:

The official press release is here.

Google Introduces Calaboration: Full Google Calendar Integration with iCal

Google has released a configuration utility called that will allow you to fully integrate your Google calendars into iCal.

iNMR has been updated

iNMR has been updated. The only NMR specifically designed for MacOSX has been updated to version 3.03 and adds a number of impressive new features.

New Version of Intel Fortran and C Compilers

Just a quick note that Intel has released a new major version of their compilers.

Some of the new features:

Xcode 3.1 Support
Additional support for Fortran 2003
OpenMP 3.0
Parallel Compilation

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