More iPhone apps for scientists

iPhone App StoreThis week, I noticed two noteworthy iPhone applications targeted at scientists, Grafly and Solutions (links to the iTunes store) more...

MacWorld Reviews Maple 12

In case anyone missed it, there is a review of Maple 12 at Maple is primarily known for its symbolic math capabilities, and is probably the biggest competitor to Mathematica in this area.

According to the MacWorld review, in version 12,

...Maple has chosen to build on its strengths as a pedagogical tool and to strengthen its ties to the engineering and technical-computing arenas.

The new version also seems to improve compatibility with MATLAB:

Of particular interest in version 12 is the optional MATLAB add-on toolbox that not only provides for communication between MATLAB (a numerical computing environment and programming language) and Maple, but which allows users to leverage their existing MATLAB code by converting it into native Maple. This will no doubt be of great benefit to those interested in making a transition from the clunky X11-based MATLAB environment or to folks with a large investment in legacy MATLAB code.

For more on Maple 12, read the full review.

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

Apple has announced that there will be tech talks on iPhone development. From the website:

Apple technology evangelists and engineers will soon be traveling the globe bringing iPhone development expertise to a city near you. Learn about the tools and technologies you'll use to create great iPhone applications, then work with the experts to optimize your code, refine your user interface, and apply the knowledge you gain from the sessions to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone application.

The locations, dates and registration for the event can be found at:

'Molecules' iPhone App Source Code Available

With the lifting of the iPhone NDA, Brad Larson — developer of the iPhone app 'Molecules', a 3D molecular viewer — has been able to release the application source code. He also has a detailed description of how it works on his blog. Brad previously blogged about his use of OpenGL ES, which was not covered by the NDA, but is now able to discuss the app in it's entirety. For anyone considering developing 3D scientific apps on the iPhone, it's a must read.

Apple in Medicine

Just a quick note that Apple has added a new section to its website geared specifically for medicine. There is a lot of information covering Medical Imaging, Video for Surgery and Practice Management. The site also hosts a number of video profiles outlining the uses of Apple technology in medicine. To get to the new section go to:

University iPhone Developer Program

This has just appeared on the Developer Connection: iPhone Developer University Program

"The iPhone Developer University Program is a free program designed for higher education institutions looking to introduce curriculum for developing iPhone or iPod touch applications. The University Program provides a wealth of development resources, sophisticated tools for testing and debugging, and the ability to share applications within the same development team. Institutions can also submit applications for distribution in the App Store."

Looks like it is US only at present but it does allow universities and students to collaborate without concerns for the SDK non-disclosure agreement.

GPU accelerated Photoshop!

Just a quick news flash -- Adobe Photoshop CS4 is out (available in October actually) and is GPU accelerated. Details available at several places listed below.

Adobe Photoshop Page
Photoshop GPU news

The politics of science or the science of politics?

For those of you who follow such things, a project called Science Debate 2008, posed some questions about science policy and funding to John McCain and Barack Obama, the Republican and Democratic parties nominees for US President. If you find such discussions interesting (I do), you may be interested in reading the responses to some of the questions here.

Direct Link
ScienceDebate2008 Website

MacRuby 0.3 Released with Interface Builder Support

Ruby Inside reports that the nascent MacRuby distribution, an implementation of Ruby 1.9 based on Mac OS X core technologies, has been updated to version 0.3. The most exciting change in this update is the support for Interface Builder and all the Xcode+IB goodness you need to build gorgeous, GUI-based scientific apps for OS X using the ever productive and succinct Ruby language. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of the HotCocoa library, which is somewhat of a domain specific language for working with Cocoa classes from Ruby. Hopefully a number MacRuby + BioRuby mashups will follow on the heels of this exciting development.

Air Sharing: sharing files on your iPhone via the air

With the 2.1 update for iPod Touch finally available and apparently much better than the 2.0.x series, I made the jump from the 1.1 version of the software, and got a first taste of the App Store offerings. One app soon caught my eyes: Air Sharing (in iTunes: App Store link). Why interesting? It allows very simple sharing of files between your Mac and your iPod / iPhone, and it is free for the next 2 weeks (grab it now!!). More...