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Project proposal form

Richard J. Feldmann
Global Determinants, Inc.
Derwood, Maryland

I can't get to the proposal form.

Proposal forms

There was some issue with the transition to the new site, we are working on getting the form back. Please contact one of us by email with the proposal in the meantime.


The interactions between biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, small organic molecules) are the driving force for every biological function. Virtually all diseases can be traced back to misregulation of these interactions. For example, breast cancer, estimated to affect 1 in 8 American women, is linked to the over-activation of the EGF receptors (a membrane protein) in ~30% of the patients. The EGF receptor is then a clear therapeutic "target" for the development of a drug that will interact with it and "restore" a proper non-pathological state. More generally, many of the FDA-approved drugs are small molecules that can bind and alter (inhibit or enhance) the functional effectiveness of the corresponding therapeutic protein targets.

Application to OpenMacGrid

I am interested in using OpenMacGrid for some of my research. I am just wondering what info you need from me. Is the proposal form available somewhere?

Thank you.


Re: Application to OpenMacGrid

Hi Ryan,

You can access the form at this URL:



Campus Grid for Scientific and Engineering Aplications

I am working at Universidad Industrial de Santander in Bucaramanga Colombia. I am interesting to start research project for Engineering apllication. The First objective is to build paralell Code for Heat and Mass Transfer caculations in Heat exchanger using MacGrid.
Someone can help me?